Wedding Venue in Texarkana, AR

The visionaries of Blessing Tree Farm are Ron and Lisa Vickers who have lived in Texarkana most of their lives. They were acquaintances in high school but their story did not begin until years later. They first became friends, then had a whirlwind romance, fell in love and started their journey together.

The idea of Blessing Tree Farm was conceived even before the couple married. As they discussed and planned their life plans, the two decided they wanted to create a business together so that after retirement, they could continue to work on something that they both could enjoy and be together.

Behind Blessing Tree Farm

The name Blessing Tree Farm was destined to be the venue's name because every detail has been carefully thought out to promote blessings, faith, steadfastness and love.

Blessing Tree has been known to be a term encouraging people to do intentional and contagious acts of kindness, to bless others, and to experience the joy of generosity. Our hope is that you and yours have a blessed life and pay it forward.

The Blessing Tree Farm logo and colors were carefully thought out to enforce blessings. Within the logo there are items that mean: peace, harmony, resurrection, stability, faith, and endurance. The colors are ones you find in nature and if you look closely you will find a dove, which symbolizes love. The dove is created with a group of leaves, which mean love that injures nothing to which it clings

Before the main building at Blessing Tree Farm was finished, Ron & Lisa asked their friends and family to write blessings, messages, wishes and verses on interior of the walls. Their hopes were that these blessings would be passed onto all those who entered its doors.