Commitment & Investment

Commitment & Investment

Blessing Tree has been known to be a sentiment of encouragement to people to do intentional and contagious acts of kindness -- to bless others and experience the joy of generosity.

Rental Options

  • Day One Day- 7 days a week (clean up the same day) from 10 am to 10 pm
  • Partial Weekend Rental
  • Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm and Friday 10 am to 11 pm clean up by 10 am Saturday
  • Weekend Rental- Friday from 10 am to 11 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 11 pm clean up by 10 am Sunday 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blessing Tree Handicapped accessible?
Yes, BTF is handicapped accessible.

Is there a Deposit? 
There is a deposit that will go toward the total balance.

When will my payment be due?
Payment in full will be due 45 days prior to your celebration.

Clean Up? 
You will be responsible for clean up, however, we do offer a clean up  fee if you are interested.

Do I have to clean up the night of my event or can it wait?
It depends on what rental package you choose.

Can we have alcohol at our event?
Alcohol can be served but not sold at Blessing Tree Farm. However, you will be responsible to purchase and serve it yourself. Also, you will be held responsible to make sure minors are not served and to make sure minors are not consuming alcoholic beverages. Also, please make sure people aren't drinking and driving. We want your celebration to be amazing and memorable ... but in a good way not a bad way.

I have a few family members and friends who smoke. Do you allow smoking on your property?
We prefer NO smoking. There is no smoking in the venue or on the surrounding property. There are trees and property that cannot be replaced. There is a designated smoking area by the fire pit on the east side of venue. The exception will be during a burn ban, if there is a burn ban in place there will be absolutely NO SMOKING.

Can I have open flames like candles and fireworks?
Open flames or candles may not be used inside or on the surrounding property. LED candles may be used.
After our wedding we want to have a sendoff with sparklers, is that allowed?
Sparklers will be allowed in the designated area for departure purposes. The exception will be during a burn ban, if there is a burn ban in place, sparklers will not be allowed.

I am thinking I would like to use confetti or flower petals as part of our decoration, is that okay at Blessing Tree Farm?
I love confetti and if you want to use it indoors you sure can, however, it has to be cleaned up, taken with you and disposed of. However, you can only use biodegradable confetti, flower petals, etc. outdoors.